Where can I buy Chrysanne®?
Chrysanne® is available from various garden centres, florists, DIY stores and can occasionally be found in supermarkets.

How long does Chrysanne® flower for?
Chrysanne® flowers for about 5 weeks. With good care, it can even flower for longer.

In which place does Chrysanne® flower best?
Put it in a bright area, but preferably not in direct sunlight. If the plant can be in a cooler place, it will flower longer.

What temperature is best for Chrysanne®?
A temperature of around 15°C is optimal. The plant cannot tolerate low temperatures and certainly not frost. Just like with many bedding plants, do not put them outdoors until after the middle of May. If you would prefer to enjoy them earlier, then there is another option: If it’s going to freeze, then bring them indoors in a bright spot.

How often should I water Chrysanne®?
Water your plant two to three times a week, depending on the temperature in the room. Definitely water it when the topsoil feels dry.

Can I make my own cuttings of Chrysanne®?
Unfortunately, that is not possible. Cuttings for Chrysanne® are done by specialised companies under ideal climate conditions. They cannot be duplicated at home.

Can I plant Chrysanne® in the garden?
The plant can be put in the garden. If it is planted in the spring, it will flower again in the autumn with a little luck! But it is not a perennial nor winter hardy, so after a winter with frost, the chrysanthemum will not flower again.

Must I add plant food to the water?
There is no need for fertiliser. There are enough nutrients in the potting soil for five to ten weeks of flowering.

The leaves of my Chrysanne® have wilted. What should I do?
Put the potted plant in a bowl overnight with 3 cm of water. Next morning the Chrysanne® should be completely rejuvenated!