About us

Chrysanne® is cultivated exclusively by the growers Lionplant and Van Schie. Both companies are engaged, very customer-oriented and aim to supply the very finest quality segment of pot chrysanthemums. Investments are made continuously to supply the best and loveliest plants, in response to the customer’s wishes.

In order to realize this ambition and to be able to guarantee it continuously, the growers work with their own cultivation specialist. This specialist is 100% concerned with quality, innovation, varieties and sustainability within the cultivation of Chrysanne®.

Our growers are MPS-A and MPS-GAP/SQ certified, so we can guarantee that the company is run according to their environmental, social aspect and quality requirements as well as the retail requirements.
Natural enemies are used to keep the plants free of diseases and pests while they finish growing. The use of chemical agents is kept to a minimum, and the plants are cultivated as sustainably as possible!

Several aspects of the production process of Chrysanne® have been automated, and modern techniques are employed. All steps are taken to strive for a final optimal quality and good working conditions for the employees.

Would you like to learn more about the individual companies? Take a look at the websites of Lionplant and Van Schie.